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How We Are Different


10-Prong Search Methodology

Unique Candidates


Market Research

Custom Testing



The ability to identify quality candidates is the most important component of our service. Contrary to traditional thinking, the reality is the some of the best candidates are usually NOT looking for a new job opportunity. In fact, many of these hidden gems are satisfied with their current job duties, their compensation, and even like their current boss. However, they will entertain the possibility of new opportunity if they are contacted during the right circumstance and if the new opportunity fills a void that their current role can’t.

With a team of dedicated IT recruiters working on your search simultaneously, we are able to deliver a vast amount of quality candidates.

We accomplish this by using a plethora of resources which casts an extremely wide net to attract premier IT talent. These resources include but are not limited to paid advertising on the most popular and niche IT career sites, subscribing to premium data intelligence platforms that provide the contact information of employed IT professionals with specific skill sets, receiving referrals from our trusted resources, developing relationships with IT professionals at specialized networking events, leveraging social media to initiate conversations with candidates who are otherwise invisible to the traditional job market, continuing to populate our proprietary database which has over tens of thousands of local IT candidates, driving traffic to our company career page by using paid and organic strategies, and continuing to nurture the relationships we have with proven IT professionals that we have helped in the past.

10-Prong Agile Premier Search Methodology

  1. Feature opportunity on Agile Premier public website (traffic drawn from organic and paid search strategies)
  2. Cold-calling employed candidates who work in similar technical environments as our client
  3. Periodic email campaigns to Active and Inactive Candidates
  4. Posting opportunity to the most popular paid career sites including those niche to IT
  5. Data mining candidates from our proprietary database which has tens of thousands of IT candidates.
  6. Data mining candidates from over 10 additional paid subscription databases
  7. Referrals from IT community in which we have existing relationships
  8. Attending IT networking events and learning workshops to converse with professionals who are dedicated to continuous learning
  9. Social media penetration including Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin
  10. Monitoring the availability of proven consultants who will be available to transition to a new role after project completion

Unique Candidates


Like our candidates and clients, we embrace technology and aren’t afraid to invest in the most advanced recruiting tools on the market to provide our clients with the best selection of IT candidates.

  • Our proprietary database hosts over 90,000 IT candidates. In the Dallas/Fort Worth market alone, we have over 900 companies profiled complete with organization charts, technologies used, and direct numbers and phone numbers of the company’s IT employees.
  • 10 additional premium database subscriptions which capture both active and passive IT candidates.
  • We advertise jobs using numerous paid outlets (many of them niche for IT) which expands the coverage of our job opportunities to over 105 career sites.
  • Using both organic search and Pay-Per- Click strategies, we drive traffic to our public website’s “Job Opportunities” page which yields a multitude of applications monthly.
  • Using digital marketing technology, we periodically market our jobs opportunities to candidates who are in our database and may suddenly be ready for a new job opportunity such as the one your company is offering
  • Automated Posting to Social Media Outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Disclosure: We do not require our candidates to sign an exclusive agreement for us to represent them. On occasion, a candidate may be represented by another agency in addition to Agile Premier.


We have invested heavily in technology ourselves and have performed exhaustive research to identify and implement the most disruptive recruiting tools on the market. The ability for us to write detailed search queries and extract data simultaneously from nearly a dozen databases gives us a unique edge.

In most cases, we can provide quality IT candidates to our clients within 2 business days of securing a search assignment.

Market Research

We will immediately begin your search and start interviewing candidates who have the technical skillsets you are seeking. In most cases, we will know what the market is paying for the role you are looking for and share the expected salary range we should target. However, if the technology you are seeking is less common, we may have to conduct market research to uncover what the market is paying for this type of skill set. In most cases, we will have data for you to review within a few business days. If we are finding that your requirements are not realistic for the budget allocated for the role, we will kindly share with you what the market is telling us and offer suggestions that may help you accomplish your end-goal. This complimentary research can be beneficial for hiring managers who need approval from their finance department for a salary increase and can also help prevent the attrition of current employees who are underpaid compared to their peers at competing firms.

Custom Testing

We have invested in the technology to build a custom computerized test specifically for our clients. If the “one size fits all” testing solutions on the market aren’t answering the questions you have about a candidate, this is an excellent solution.

With an average turn-around time of 2 business days, we can develop a timed test that asks 10-30 desired questions and provides multiple choice answers for the candidate. We team up with a technical engineer to develop the incorrect answers to ensure the correct answers aren’t obvious and the test is challenging.

Prior to releasing the test, we will have the hiring manager give their approval that the test is satisfactory and ready to be administered.

This is ideal solution for hiring managers who were formerly having non-technical employees such as human resources give their oral technical tests. It also ideal for technical team leads or hiring managers who are burned out from performing technical interviews on candidates after traditional business hours in order to meet the candidate’s availability to interview.

Customer Service

Agile Premier has offices in Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX. We strive to offer the best customer service in the industry and we are available to answer questions after traditional business hours or even on the weekends. We have internal meetings throughout the week to discuss the progress of our client’s searches to ensure we are building a pipeline of interested prospects in a timely manner. If you ever need an update, simply give your Account Manager a call or send them an email.

$0 Conversion Fee Option

That’s right; we even have a cost-effective solution for companies who don’t want to pay a placement fee in one lump sum but are comfortable using an IT staffing firm for temporary projects. This low-risk option gives hiring managers the ability to “try before they buy” and CIOs and CFOs love the way this option looks on their P & L statement.

Our Guarantee

It is important to us that our clients are satisfied with our service. If you engage us for a search and do not hire one of our referrals, you will not be charged a dime for our service. If you do hire one of our referrals for a direct-hire position, you will receive 90 day prorated guarantee to ensure the candidate is indeed performing up to company standards. For contract and contract-to-hire opportunities, we offer a risk-free evaluation of the candidate during their first day of work. You can also keep the candidate on our payroll until you are completely confident that they are the right addition to your team.

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