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Candidate Overview

KP is an excellent candidate for a Front-End Developer role and has over 6 years of web development experience. KP is very skilled with numerous technologies including HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, Ajax, JSON, XML, WebAPI/ RESTful, .NET, C# (basic), PHP, and SQL. 

Recently, he has been expanding his development knowledge and has been working on custom .NET and C# applications including a corporate e-commerce website.

In a prior role, KP was also responsible for integrating numerous 3rd party applications with the company’s site using Web API including their CRM, Social Media (including Facebook and Twitter), Google Adwords, and their email campaign/marketing software.


Advertising, Security, Consulting


HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JSON, WebAPI (REST), PHP, C# (basic)

Test Score

71 (Candidate did outstanding on front-end and Web API questions; light on C#)