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We offer the widest selection of quality IT talent in the market and we do it at a price that is very cost-effective for our clients. As always, our service is complimentary for our candidates.

Direct-Hire Placement

We implement a 10-Prong recruiting campaign which targets candidates who are currently employed as well as those who are in between projects at the time of the search

We charge a % of the annual base salary for our service.

In a recent survey from our clients, we discovered that many of our competitors’ standard rates were 13%-40% higher than Agile Premier’s.

Contract Placement

This is the ideal service if you are needing to quickly obtain a specialized IT resource and you don’t intend on hiring the person on a permanent basis. Typically, our rates are 30%-60% less than a traditional IT consulting firm.

We will charge on an hourly basis and the rate will primarily depend on the specialization and seniority of the candidate. Agile Premier will pay the candidate on a weekly basis.

Contract-to- Hire Placement

This is our most popular option for adding an eventual full-time employee. In this scenario, both the candidate and the client get the opportunity to work together on a contract basis to ensure the opportunity is a long-term fit for both parties

Similar to our Contract Placement service pricing, we charge on an hourly basis until the candidate is converted to our client’s payroll as a full-time employee. Agile Premier will pay the candidate on a weekly basis.


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