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Our Approach

Requirements Gathering and Salary Analysis

  • Walk-through and requirements gathering session at client’s site by Account Executive to learn more about client’s culture, team, and environment
  • Job Description Creation (if one is not already present)
  • Analysis of Salary Trends

Launch 10-Prong Agile Premier Search Methodology

  1. Feature opportunity on Agile Premier public website (traffic drawn from organic and paid search strategies
  2. Cold-calling employed candidates who work in similar technical environments as our client
  3. Periodic email campaigns to Active and Inactive Candidates
  4. Posting opportunity to the most popular paid career sites including those niche to I
  5. Data mining candidates from our proprietary database which has tens of thousands of IT candidates.
  6. Data mining candidates from ten additional paid subscription databases
  7. Referrals from IT community in which we have existing relationships
  8. Attending IT networking events and learning workshops to converse with professionals who are dedicated to continuous learning
  9. Social media penetration including Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin
  10. Monitoring the availability of proven consultants who will be available to transition to a new role after project completion

Due Diligence

  • Candidates Interviewed by Agile Premier prior to submitting to your requisition
  • Reference Information
  • Ensure candidates have proper work authorization
  • Complimentary background check upon request (if client wants to hire candidates)


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