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Recruitment Solutions

Direct-Hire Placement

A guaranteed service with minimal risk that includes the recruiting efforts of our entire team. After receiving our client’s requirements and visiting their work site to learn more about the company culture, we implement a 10-Prong recruiting campaign which targets candidates who are currently fall in one of the following categories:
  • Currently employed as permanent employee of a company with a similar technical environment
  • Currently performing duties on a project that is finite in duration and is similar to our client’s project
  • Qualified candidates who are currently in between job opportunities and have worked in similar technical environments

Differentiating Benefits

  • Interview a wider selection of candidates including those who may be currently employed by one of your competitor’s or a company that has a very similar technical environment
  • Guarantee

Contract Placement

This is the ideal service if you are needing a skilled IT resource in a hurry and don’t intend on hiring the person on a permanent basis. We can provide  IT staffing solutions who are interested in temp work for various situations including:
  • Projects that are finite in duration and do not require a permanent resource such as software rewrite, OS upgrade, agile methodology adoption, etc.
  • Providing coverage during a maternity leave
  • Providing coverage to fill the void of a resignation or termination

Differentiating Benefits

  • Identified resource can start your project immediately (in most cases)
  • Fraction of the costs of a traditional IT consulting firm
  • Risk-Free evaluation of candidate during their 1 st day of work

Contract-to-Hire Placement

A Contract-to- Hire recruiting strategy significantly reduces the risk of making an unfavorable long-term hire. With this strategy, the company will have the opportunity to work with the candidate on a contract basis while monitoring how the candidate interacts with other team members, their attendance, their punctuality, their reaction to pressure and tight deadlines, and their technical prowess.

Contract-to- Hire is also an excellent option for companies who find that they are losing excellent candidates to other companies prior to the candidate completing their entire interview process which is much longer than their competitors. Hiring a candidate in a contract-to- hire scenario allows these companies to compete for this talent and rapidly build a team of top performers. Starting the candidate as a contract employee allows the candidate to start contributing to a project immediately, stop their job search, and participate in the permanent interview process while they are earning a paycheck as a contract employee.

*Please note that Contract-to-Hire is ideal for individual contributor roles. In addition, some individual contributors who are currently employed will not leave their current role for a contract-to-hire. For these particular candidates, a direct-hire will be the best solution.

Differentiating Benefits

  • Identified resource can start your project immediately (in most cases)
  • “Try Before You Buy” Philosophy
  • Avoid HR Exit Interviews and Unemployment Claims
  • Stop Losing Talent Due to Process
  • Risk-Free evaluation of candidate during their 1 st day of work
  • $0 Conversion Fee Option Available (Contact Us for more details)

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