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Agile Premier Now Offers Consulting Services

ABOUT AGILE PREMIER CONSULTING SERVICES (APCS) Agile Premier Consulting Services (APCS) is a team of senior-level software professionals who focus on rapidly developing solutions on modern development frameworks while leveraging the power of the agile development methodology. The team consists of agile experts who have prior experience working together and assume a role in the project that adheres to their particular specialization such as business analysis, development, data, architecture, project management, UI/UX, and/or QA. Our project management and solution architect...
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Top 10 Mistakes of IT Hiring Managers

1. Not Hiring Good Candidates Because You Haven’t Interviewed Enough Candidates Sometimes you can interview numerous candidates and not find what you are looking for. On the other hand, on rare occasions, you can receive the gift of interviewing the right person for the job during your 1st interview. Some managers make the mistake of not hiring the person because they want to interview more candidates for comparison purposes but end up disliking the additional candidates and losing the perfect...
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Interview Tips to Land Your Next Dream Job

Interview Tips Preparation – Preparation is essential to remaining calm under pressure and is the first step toward a successful interview. Here are some tips: Give yourself plenty of time to get there. Ask about parking availability before you go. Know the exact place and time of the meeting, the interviewer’s full name (including correct pronunciation) and his or her title. Research the company through the Internet or library to learn relevant facts such as annual sales revenue, principal lines...
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