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Agile Premier Now Offers Consulting Services

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Agile Premier Now Offers Consulting Services


Agile Premier Consulting Services (APCS) is a team of senior-level software professionals who focus on rapidly developing solutions on modern development frameworks while leveraging the power of the agile development methodology. The team consists of agile experts who have prior experience working together and assume a role in the project that adheres to their particular specialization such as business analysis, development, data, architecture, project management, UI/UX, and/or QA.

Our project management and solution architect resources will co-manage the project from the requirements gathering stage to user acceptance and will ensure milestones are being met on-time so you can allocate your time to other critical projects. We will provide a pre-assembled team of experts who will handle all duties required to develop a software solution including requirements gathering, architecture design, development, and quality assurance. The APCS team will develop in 2-week intervals of time to ensure that the most desired features are developed first and to allow our team to react quickly to changing priorities of our client.

APCS is an excellent option for IT leaders who want to save numerous weeks of time which would normally be spent identifying, recruiting, interviewing, and managing software development professionals.

The following are examples of a few software projects that may be on your project backlog that we can spearhead for you:

  • Modernizing legacy applications with current technologies such as ASP.NET MVC or Angular /Node.JS without losing traction on your other development projects
  • Rewriting “Off-Shore Gone Wrong” solutions with an onshore team of experts that can deliver a solution that functions correctly
  • Capitalizing on the efficiency and flexibility that agile development offers through our service without forcing Agile on your existing processes
  • Developing a proof-of-concept of a solution and testing it before committing to a large budget
  • Developing a new software solution using our pre-assembled team and drastically reducing recruiting cost and time required to identify and hire resources
  • Web Services and API development

On average, ACPS is 25%-33% less expensive than most comparable services. We accomplish this by hiring dynamic resources that can contribute to various aspects of the solution (not just one), minimizing our consultant’s down-time (“bench”), and by billing select resources such as architecture, business analysis, and quality assurance professionals as partial resources as opposed to full resources. Our strategic model allows us the ability to pass these savings onto you at a fraction of the cost it would take you to hire internally.

Download our case studies to learn how 7 other companies were able to benefit from our APCS-Managed Agile Development case studies






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