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5 Benefits of Working with an Expert IT Recruiter

5 Benefits of Working with an Expert IT Recruiter

An exceptionally talented IT team is a huge competitive advantage in today’s business environment. However, staffing for technical positions has become a lot more complicated in recent years and recruiting top talent can be difficult. IT recruiting firms should be considered as part of your hiring strategy in order to build out the IT team you’re looking for while also saving time and money. Here are some benefits of hiring a recruiting firm that will hopefully ease any worries or reservations you may have.

1. You will save your organization valuable time

An employment search can distract managers and leaders and can cost the company more time and money than a search normally would if turned over to an independent recruiter. IT recruitment firms specialize in finding and keeping an ongoing network with tech professionals, so they can find and present worthy candidates for your company fast. Your hiring managers will no longer have to deal with the extremely time-consuming process of placing employment ads on relevant online job boards, reviewing potentially thousands of resumes and interviewing several rounds of applicants. Turning these tasks over to an outside recruiter allows you and your team to focus attention on your organization’s core business activities.

2. Your ROI is guaranteed

One of the greatest benefits of hiring through an IT recruiter is that it not only saves you time but saves you money as well. You no longer have to worry about the risk of hiring candidates who may not be quite the right fit because your IT recruiter has access to top talent who have been pre-screened for the position in consideration. The candidates presented to you have already been evaluated not only on their skills and qualifications but also on how well they will fit within your organization’s structure and culture. Additionally, if you have a position open for too long, the opportunity cost also increases. For example, studies have shown that in profitable companies an employee generates 3 to 5 times their annual salary in value. So, if you leave a $70,000 position open for just one additional month, that is $18,000 to $30,000 your company has lost in revenue. Recruiters can fill positions quickly and get capable employees into jobs to start working and generating revenue for your organization.

3. The reach of your job posting will greatly increase

Reputable IT recruitment firms have an extensive reach across various platforms, from business connections, job boards, and social media. They leverage this pool of contacts to find active and passive candidates that meet your specific needs. For small to medium size businesses working to scale up their IT teams, it can be difficult to compete with other companies in attracting top talent. It can seem like the most qualified candidates are hired before you even have a chance to let them know about your position and why working for your company is a great opportunity. This is where recruiters really come in handy, whether you are looking for a highly specialized candidate with a particular set of skills or looking to fill a general project manager position, recruiters have databases of contacts in a variety of areas making it easier to get qualified candidates and fast.

4. The quality of your IT team with improve

If you use an IT recruiting firm to help you hire the best candidates for key positions such as software developer, cybersecurity analyst or web administrator, you will likely see the quality and productivity of your IT team improve. Given the consistent demands from the IT industry and the rapid pace of technological change in the workplace, it’s imperative to have a team in place to cover all the bases—from enterprise mobility and productivity apps to top-notch security protocols. Employees hired through a recruiter, whether they are temporary or permanent, will have the skills to keep up with the demands allowing you to build out a fully capable, well-rounded IT powerhouse of employees.

5. Ongoing support and guidance throughout the process.

In addition to providing insights regarding likely candidates, the job market and any relevant information relating to your search, effective IT recruiting depends on the ability to develop and maintain trusted partnerships. It is your recruiter’s job to work with you every step of the way from initial job description development, through the interview and onboarding process to ensure placing candidates is as streamlined and stress-free as possible. You are able to continue communication with your firm even after the initial hiring process is completed to ensure your needs have been met. High-quality firms also often perform a post-hire evaluation or allow you to keep your new hire on their payroll until you are completely confident they are the right addition to your team.

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